Executive Assistant Cover Letter- Expert Tips and Samples

Are you thinking of sending your resumes for executive assistant job without cover letters? Then stop! Because you are committing a big mistake! Cover letters are written in conversational tone that describes you in a better way than your resume.

Your experiences and skills might be more important than your qualifications when applying for executive assistant jobs. And that is why your cover letter is extremely vital to complement your resume.

Content Majestic brings you expert tips and samples for writing stellate executive assistant cover letters.

How To Write A Cover Letter For Executive Assistant Job Step By Step?

A random flow may give a bizarre outlook to the cover letter. That is why you need to give a proper structure to your cover letter which is:

  • Personal Information: The cover letter starts with your name and contact details. It is important that you give complete and accurate information so that the hiring company can reach you when scheduling an interview.
  • The Job And The Company: Find the details of the company and the hiring manager. If it is not given on the job post, try finding it on the website or call the company. Writing the name of the hiring manager and the company. This shows how much keen and professional are you for the job.
  • Talk About The Job Post: Though it may seems unnecessary, writing about how you became aware of the job post may help them to identify which methods of advertising are working for them.
  • Why Do You Think You Are The Best Candidate For The Job? This is the most important statement of your cover letter. You have to make it as unique and creative to captivate the interest of the hiring manager so that he decide to choose you without a doubt.
  • Your Strengths: You have to highlight your skills, qualifications, accomplishments and experiences in your letter. Do not write long list on your strengths rather limit it to 2 paragraphs. Read job specifications and responsibilities and align your skills according to them.
  • Call To Action Statement: End your cover letter with a call to action statement. Ask for further information or a formal meeting. Write that you will contact them after a week or two for follow up.

Expert Executive Assistant Cover Letter Samples For You:

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