Best Tips To Write Civil Engineer Cover Letter

As a civil engineer, your cover letter is far more important along with your resume. The recruiter is more interested in knowing your accomplishments and achievements through your cover letter.

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“What are the Important Points I Should Add in My Civil Engineering Cover Letter?”

You need to assemble the components you should add in your civil engineering cover letter that are mentioned below.

  • Mention the reference for the requirement of the job description in your letter.
  • Add your most exceptional qualifications.
  • Write down your recent and relevant achievements.
  • Mention the reason for being the right fit for the available position.
  • Add your experiences in the field you are applying.

How Can I Make My Cover Letter Effective?

To make your letter more effective, 

  • You need to mention the recruiter’s name.
  • Show them that you are well aware of the facts and figures of the company.
  • The place where you found the available opening in the company.
  • Mention why are you suitable for the job.
  • Mention how you can benefit the company.
  • Write down all your relevant skills.
  • Mention your specialization.
  • Write down your experience in the field which matters the most.
  • Close the body paragraph in a polite way.

The Structure of the Cover Letter:

Civil engineering cover letter will have the same pattern as the other cover letters. The trick is to involve your specialization in the body paragraphs. The basic structure for a cover letter is mention below:

  1. Add your details
  2. Add company’s details
  3. Salutation
  4. Start with an introductory paragraph
  5. Write down the body paragraph
  6. Close with concluding a paragraph
  7. Add thanking note
  8. Write down your name and sign it

All these details are enough to write on of the best civil engineer cover letter but, if you are lacking time, consider the automated cover letter at an affordable price to save your time and energy. 

You can review an example of quality assurance.

Cover Letter Example for Civil Engineering Jobs


Mr. Isaac Perez

Upper East Side, New York.

(908) 441-6920


Date: June 19, 2019


Ms. Kaylee Anderson,

HR Manager,

ABC International,

Carnegie Hall Tower, New York.


Dear Ms. Anderson,

I am writing to apply for the position of Geotechnical Engineer at your company, as advertised on LinkedIn. I believe that my 5 years of experience and relevant knowledge makes me the best match for this job.

I graduated from The University of New York with Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, in the year 2016 after which I joined Boston Builder Brothers as an Engineering Geologist. My job does not only include identifying and measuring the factors that can affect Construction Projects, rather developing effective methods to control them, while advising the best procedures and materials for the successful outcomes.

I have a certification in the Principles of Soil Mechanics and I can:

  • Interpret the properties of the soil.
  • Identify what measures would be preferable for construction.
  • Asses the risks that can arise from site construction.
  • Measure the stability of the natural slopes.

With my qualifications, expertise, attention to detail and professional attitude, I am confident that I can be a great value addition to your organization.

Looking forward to meet you in a formal interview to know more about this position. I’ll be available at your utmost convenience.  

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Best regards,


Mr. Isaac Perez

LinkedIn ID: Isaac Perez


Cover Letter for Civil Engineering - Example


Mr. William Fosamax

18 Federal Avenue,

New York.

(908) 601-1024


Date: January 12, 2019


Mr. Arnold Mars,

Senior Hiring Manager.

Eastward Strategies, 

Roosevelt Ave, New York,

(908) 709-2054


Dear Mr. Arnold Mars,

I recently saw the opening for the position of Construction Manager at your company via LinkedIn. With an experience of two years as a Civil Engineer, I think I would be a valuable asset to your organization.

I’m currently employed at East Rivers, where my key challenge is the successful execution of multidisciplinary, complex projects under contingent environment factors. Following are the highlights of my job duties:

  • Development of complex structures and systems in the construction.
  • Coordination with architectures and software engineers for interpreting and improving blue prints.
  • Creation of cost effective structural innovation for quality optimization.
  • Check and maintenance of the inventory levels.
  • Training and supervising in house and outsourced project employees (contractors).  

I am confident that my excellent record as an expert Civil Engineer, and professional work attitude will contribute a great deal in the success of your organization.

I look forward to know more about this position and your company in detail. I’ll be available to talk to you at your utmost convenience.

Thank you for your consideration,


Best regards,


William Fosamax.

LinkedIn ID: William. Fosamax

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