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The Press Release Writing Services that we provide you are so brilliant in quality that you just cannot deny them.


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Appealing Features Of Our Press Release

The Press Release Writing Service that we will deliver will not fail to please you! We can assure you this, because we have the team and the expertise which allows us to write effectively. You can communicate your requirements to us and have a brilliant Press Release ready for you in no time.

Press Releases are meant to give your business some coverage, so whatever happens, we will make sure that your business gets the coverage you are seeking. You can issue Press Releases easily with us by your side. Just let us know what you need and be prepared to receive it and show it off in front of the world!

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Real life journalists with years of experience in writing Press Releases

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Qualified professionals from various industries to write gripping press releases

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Remain In the Spotlight with Our Press Release Writing Service

What is now helping businesses attain the spotlight without having to spend so much money like before? Press Releases! They are now collectively helping businesses issue updated news regarding their activities and this helps them in gaining online traction much more easily.

Press Releases are not just mere news articles you are putting out, but much more than that. Since we are living in digital times, even your Press Release needs to be unique and engaging in nature to meet SEO requirements etc.

With Content Majestic, now you can get a killer press release written which puts your brand in the spotlight and gets your brand instant coverage as well!

What Is The Point of Writing a Press Release?

Press Releases are now becoming more important than ever, they are basically official statements issued to spread information by a business regarding the launch of a product or some service or basically anything.

While previously, businesses had to go through the hassle of contacting journalists and bearing with all the publication issues, now they can simply opt to issue a press release through a press distribution service and put your business in the spotlight much more easily.

Writing a press release garners businesses much more advantages than it did around ten years ago, and the process has also become much easier now thanks to the advent of the digital era.

Why You Should Hire A Press Release Writing Service?

While it has become much easier to issue a press release in the current era, you as a brand can still be at the risk of having low quality press releases written by inexperienced individuals who claim to be professionals. Your brand cannot be put at the risk of having their reputation questioned, just because they issued a low quality press release. This is exactly why you should hire a trusted and credible Press Release Writing Service like the one offered by Content Majestic.

Content Majestic has professional writers with in-depth knowledge of specific domains & industry, and have been extensively trained in writing of Press release by Industry top lead journalists They know very well the correct structure of a proper Press Release which is why they leave no stone unturned in producing killer Press Releases. This is what makes us a reliable Content Writing Agency!

What is the structure of a Press Release?

  1. Headline
  2. Opening Sentence
  3. Body (What exactly is the story and why is it supposed to matter?)
  4. Contact Information

Any amateur can write down a Press Release for you if they know the structure, but only a professional would know what each of those sections in the structure should actually have.

The writers we have hired possess qualifications in domains such as Journalism and Mass Communication and they have even worked with large scale news channels and newspapers which gives them leverage over amateur Press Release writers.

How Do We Deliver You Quality Press Releases?

Writing a Press Release is no hectic task for our professional Press Release writers. In order to provide highly engaging and killer Press Releases, our writers make sure that all the elements which make a Press Release complete and appealing are present in it.

  • WHO? The WHO element defines as to what are the key players who are involved in the story.
  • WHAT? The WHAT element tells the story for which the Press Release has been written.
  • WHY? The WHY element explains the significance of the story or event.
  • WHERE? The WHERE element specifies where the story or event took place or taking place.
  • WHEN? The WHEN element details the time during which the story or event did or will take place.
  • HOW? The HOW element elaborates on how the story or the event came to take place or will come to take place.

We are very much confident that we can provide you perhaps the best Press Release Service in the United States of America. If you are wondering on “HOW?” then we can simply tell you that we have a team of professional writers who ensure to add all the mentioned aspects. These aspects are what make your Press Release both informative and engaging.

We are living in times where people prefer to read across short news, instead of long boring details. So instead of making you yawn with long content, we stick to the point to deliver what you want, whichever of the content writing services you seek.

Best Press Release Writing Made Accessible For You!

It is about time that you hired the services of Content Majestic to get your business in the spotlight that it deserves. It is not the Stone Age! It is the age where you can get viral on social media and skyrocket your business within the scope of a few hours. With Content Marketing and quality content writing services, you can boost your brand to new heights and readily achieve fame which was not possible up until a decade ago. So whether you need to publish viral content out there, or rebrand your products with cutting-edge descriptions, we are here for you!

So head over to the Live Chat now and start speaking with a customer services executive or contact us now to get your name in the mainstream today!!

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Press Releases are now one of the most effective ways to make sure that breaking news regarding your brand or business is issued to the public and that you are able to spread quick information.

A Press Release can vary anywhere from between 300-800 words depending on the type of news or information that is there. Each Press Release delivered to you will be custom made and the length will be set accordingly.

Content Majestic hires the relevant and only the best writers for all kinds of work, and we have hired and trained our journalists and professional subject matter experts to jot down your Press Releases accordingly.

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