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Why You Should Try Out Our Resume Writing Service?

  • Custom made resumes with value addition done by experts
  • Resumes optimized to rank high in Applicants scanning systems
  • Attractive layouts to appeal to potential recruiters
  • Free revisions and 24/7 availability of customer support

You Will Love the Resumes We Will Deliver You

The Resumes we deliver will definitely not fail to appease you.


Optimized content to pass through Applicants scanning systems


Recruiters will be appealed by the attractive layouts

To Perfection

Structured according to profession and geographical region

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Before you choose to hire someone to develop your Resume, you will most probably want to ensure that the person or service is a professional. How will you find that out? By checking out the samples of course!

We leave no stone unturned in giving you the perfect Resume you desire.

As such, first the Resume is made by the writer and then sent to the Quality Control Department for review by Expert Editors.

Once proofread and checked by our Expert Editors, the Resume is finalized and dispatched for delivery.

Features Include

  • Composed by HR Experts
  • Attractive layouts bound to capture attention
  • Optimized to rank in Applicants Tracking Systems
  • Free unlimited revisions


As Low As $0.06/word

  • Top Rated Writers
  • Industry Specific
  • Search Engine Optimized with targeted keywords

Land the Job of Your Dreams Today With Our Resume Writing Services

Landing the job of your dreams takes much more than just the necessary qualifications or the relevant experience etc., but in fact, the first thing that a recruiter will set eyes on is your Resume. Most of the people who do not pay much attention to this particular aspect are usually the ones running here and forth desperate to pass the screening process. Most probably because their Resume or CV has probably not appealed to the recruiter and is lying somewhere in the ‘Rejected Pile’.

Appealing content does not only refer to blogs or SEO friendly content for Digital Marketing, but also includes the content that you have in your Resume or CV. In this domain, you can simply hire the Resume Writing Services and CV Writing Services of Content Majestic to come to your rescue!

Professional Resume Writers Are Just A Click Away!

The times have changed and so have the ways of landing a well-paying job of your choice. You cannot just sit down and write a Resume, apply for a job and hope to be employed the very next day. The competition is much tougher and you need to stand out from a whole list of applicants and candidates to even get an interview call.

Creating a Resume has completely changed especially since the advent of the digital era. This is exactly why we have hired experienced and professional Resume Writers so that you can get the best kind of Resume for yourself. You can simply type in “resume writers near me” and find many freelance resume writers to craft your resume for you!

In order to get your Resume made by an experienced person, it would be better if you sought some professional resume writing services because they will be able to provide you an expert.

Professional Resume Services No More A Hassle!

It has become quite common nowadays to hire someone for resume writing or to consult someone to get resume help. It is in fact encouraged that you as an applicant get some proper feedback before you send in a low quality Resume which ends up in the “Rejected Pile”. Our writers possess all the qualities which will encourage you to give our Resume writing services, at least one try:

  • Our writers are hired after a strict screening process.
  • We ask the writers for how many resumes they have prepared
  • We also check how many of our writers’ clients successfully landed lucrative jobs.
  • A background check is performed to assess that the writers have previously not been involved in any kind of fraudulent resume writing services.
  • The writers we hire possess years of experience in preparing all kinds of resume
  • Our writers make sure to keep updated with the latest trends as well.

  • Our resume writers possess a vast pool of knowledge in all kinds of resume writing
  • Our writers can make an infographics resume for you as well.
  • We also consult digital marketers to make resumes which are optimized to pass through Applicants Tracking Systems as well.
  • We possess knowledge of platforms such as LinkedIn to provide you resumes for advertising on those platforms as well.
  • Our writers know well the resume trends and requirements which vary by geographical region and industry
  • You can seek free consultancy from our resume writers as you require.

The Best Jobs Are Dying Out! Need Resume Services Near Me!

The best jobs do not always remain available. They are quickly being captured by one potential employee after the other especially in a country like the United States of America. The stakes are ever so high; appeasing the recruiters has become seriously tough. In such competitive times, if you are not acting fast then you will remain behind in the race of success. If your resume fails to appeal to the recruiter, you have lost your first chance at landing that very job.

“Gosh! I am not getting any interview calls! I think I should look for some resume writing service near me and get my resume looked at.”

With our support, you can get your resume looked at, as well as a new resume for yourself. Content Majestic is one of the most reliable and leading online platforms for content writing services worldwide and especially in the USA. But we have not limited ourselves to creative content only but we cover all kinds of content related services. This includes the content goes in your resume as well. Your resume can be an infographic resume as well such as if you are a Graphics Designer or Motion Graphics Designer etc. We can cover all kinds of content related services whether you are considering writing a press release or you need a professional ghostwriter to looking for resume services near me and even to write your E-book. So whether you are living in the East Coast or the West Coast, we can help you out.

As far as our Resume Writing services go, check out why you can get benefits from us if you hire our services:

  • Custom made resumes according to your requirements
  • Resumes with attractive layouts so that it does not escape the recruiter’s eye
  • Affordable rates so you never have to worry about your budget
  • Provision for unlimited revisions to facilitate you
  • Cover letters along with the resumes if you ask for them
  • All kinds of Resumes whether infographic or creative or basic Word-based

Ever found a service which provides such benefits? We are sure you must not have! So waste no more time in applying to your dream job, and contact us today!

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Content Majestic has hired professional hiring managers, recruiters and Resume experts who review your previous resume and determine what your new resume should be having. We have only kept the best and the most knowledgeable in our team who know what an impressionable resume should include.

Of course! We offer you the feasibility to choose from our team of writers, and if you are not pleased with your present writer then we facilitate you with free revisions and with the option to choose a new writer as well.

We are not only working in the US but our services are available worldwide. We also have experts who know what kind of a resume will be made in each and every part of the world, and how a resume should vary according to the geographical region.

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Content published on your website to give your website the appeal it deserves. Consists of all kinds of content including text, audio, video etc., and is responsible for driving traffic to your website.



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