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What we are today is simply because these writers put in their best and worked day and night to make their dreams a reality. Learn more about them and how you can benefit from their services

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We follow through a strict hiring process to make sure that only the best writers make it to our team. Writers having the proper qualifications, relevant experience and of course a vast pool of knowledge are preferred for our team.

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Whether you’re selling your own products or you’re a vendor,

Eric Dawson


Building this organization from scratch was not an easy task, but I can say, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Content Majestic; that it was due to the efforts of our hard working team that we have managed to achieve this feat of being one of the best content writing services in the world.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to enhance the online presence of your brand, and helps you in increasing your lead generation as well.

If your online presence is weak, then you cannot hope to make an impact in today’s digital world. This is why, we at Content Majestic grouped together to provide quality content services to brands and businesses looking to enhance their online presence.
Quality content is something that not every agency can provide you, especially in today’s time when there are plenty of copywriters available who are willing to deliver you quality work. We are working as a reputed and established agency which guarantees to deliver what it promises.   Read more >

This is one of the main reasons that we are able to retain customer satisfaction at all times, and also the reason that we currently have over 500 satisfied clients!
Being the CEO is one of my life’s greatest joys, as it delights me greatly that I am heading an organization filled with enthusiastic people who never compromise on their work ethics. I hope that we will continue to grow together and continue to provide satisfactory content related services always!

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Eric Dawson

Trusted By Leading Brands

Our clientele consists of successful and leading brands from every industry.
This is because we focus primarily on customer satisfaction


Handling daily operation from scratch isn’t always as simple as it may sound. As a managing director, it’s under your supervision that each department plays its role effectively.

My plans to enhance our operations goes smoothly due to the countless effort by my team and support of our CEO.

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Brianna Zack
Brianna Zack

Who We Are

Content Majestic is currently one of the most reliable agencies in the world as far as Content Writing services are concerned, but this feat was not easy to achieve. We started out as a small team of writers who had to work their way to the top. Now we are a team of over 50+ writers and we are successfully catering to clients all over the globe. We started working in Content Marketing when the trend has just newly emerged and entered the markets. Now you can see that Content Marketing has become the new norm and everywhere there is an abundance of Content Writers spinning out content and helping business engage in Digital Marketing.

Spread Out Across The Globe…

We are now successfully catering to clients not just from a particular state, country or continent, but our services now extend the seven seas. You could be near the Atlantic or the Pacific; you can find us for your help! We do not only cater to clients from one particular area, but we make sure that our services are available everywhere.

Experts For Everything!

Our team of content writers is also from diverse backgrounds and they have the vast pool of knowledge that you as a client would need to churn out some gripping content. You can have us write on Fashion or Retail or Medical, our team has a writer for every field. We have diversified our team so that we can manage all kinds of content related requests.

Not only content writers, we have also hired Digital Marketers who know what kind of content is required to help business reach their Digital marketing goals. Why else would a company opt to buy content if it is not in line with SEO requirements or is not structured according to Digital marketing requirements?

With Content Majestic however, you can get custom content just as you want! You can even get free online consultancy so that you can learn more about how you can start engaging in Content marketing with our help!