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Content Majestic is constantly working to provide the best kind of content writing services to its customers. This is why we have given a detailed explanation of our Order Process so that you can easily go about placing your order, and get quality content just as you want!





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Place order for any kind of content you want by clicking on the “Order Now” button, by sending an email, by filling in the “Request for Proposal” form or through the Live Chat option.

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A Customer Support Representative will contact you to follow up on your order. You will be specifying your order requirements accordingly such as order deadline, word count, content nature etc.

Transfer of Payment

The payment for the order will be placed via either PayPal or Bank Transfer according to your convenience. You will be given the relevant details for transferring your payment.

Delivery of Your Order

Once the payment is transferred and order is processed, your order will be dispatched to you for delivery on your given email address.

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