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Whether you’re selling your own products or you’re a vendor,

Emails Writing

Customer support emails designed to resolve & reply to customer queries and problems

Emails Writing

Promotional emails informing clients about activities and other information about the brand

Business And
Partnership Proposal

Official business and proposal emails designed for corporate correspondence

Job Interview Transcription

We give you plenty of reasons to choose our brilliant Email Writing Service, so that you can decide for yourself!

  • Quality emails which capture your client’s interest
  • Email content for over 150+ industries
  • Free consultancy from subject matter experts
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  • 24/7 availability of customer support

Doctor Paitent Feedback Transcription

White Papers are one of the most effective ways to market yourself in the current century.

  • It’s not enough to simply blog.
    A true content marketing strategy comprises a
    variety .
  • simply blog.
    A true content marketing strategy comprises a

Lawer judge Feedback Transcription

White Papers are one of the most effective ways to market yourself in the current century.

  • It’s not enough to simply blog.
    A true content marketing strategy comprises a
    variety .
  • simply blog.
    A true content marketing strategy comprises a

Business Meeting Feedback Transcription

White Papers are one of the most effective ways to market yourself in the current century.

  • It’s not enough to simply blog.
    A true content marketing strategy comprises a
    variety .
  • simply blog.
    A true content marketing strategy comprises a

The Ultimate Transcription Writing Service To Say Goodbye To All Your Worries

We all know that with the modern world and every day rising opportunities, you might have tons of information to process. Students need concise notes for their lectures, researchers need to convert their collected data into quantitative statistics and doctors want to make their patients records handy.

So what is the solution? Do everything by yourself? Or hire people and bear their monthly wages? Well none of them because Content Majestic brings you the premium transcription writing service to wave goodbye to all your worries!

What Does A Transcription Service Provider Do?

Thinking what is transcription? Wondering how a transcription service provider can make your life easy? Let’s see how different professions can help themselves with the transcription services:


If you are a student, transcription can make your life heaven! By getting transcriptions from us, you can get readable notes for your:

  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Demonstrations and workshops
  • Seminars
Researchers and PhDs

Skilled transcribers like us can convert your qualitative information (like interviews and documentaries) into quantitative data. Thus if you are a researcher or writing a PHD thesis, you can definitely benefit from transcription service companies like us!

Market Analysts

You, as a marketing analyst, may need to arrange and record your focus group’s perceptions. We can transcribe all the conversations in the focus groups so that you have easy comprehensive and shareable data.

Doctors and Psychologists

Doctors and psychologists need to keep a record of their patients, treatments and session’s details. However, recording their statements and getting it in a document form can effectively save your time.

You Tubers

You might be a v-logger or an influencer and want to write subtitles for your video or a summary to your podcast. If that’s the case, don’t waste your time doing it yourself, rather send us your files for assistance.

Does All Online Transcription Services Work The Same Way?

Different online transcription services have different way of working. Some may just tell you to upload your file, transcribe it with speech recognition software and send you the text file without any quality assurance. These websites, will charge you less amount for transcription but they will not respond to your queries. Furthermore, the files transcribed using software have lots of grammar mistakes and insensible sentences. This is because these software cannot identify difficult US accents, crosstalk and voice discrepancies like stutters.

So what should you do? Nothing, just sit back and relax as we take you through the best services for transcription.

Did You Hear It? We Have The Paramount Transcription Services In USA!

We know that you are deeply scared of getting scammed by the fake services. But, we are here to help you our premium transcription service in USA. Want to know how? Let’s have a look how we satisfy clients like you with our work:

Consultants To Guide You With Their Expertise

Being a researcher, you might need help with your research or qualitative analysis. Our PHD consultants are available 24/7 to assist you.

Certified US Transcribers For Accurate Transcriptions

Yes! We have certified transcribers with a minimum of 5 years’ experience. The reason of hiring

Personalized Transcription Files As Per Your Wish

We don’t stick to a specific format for transcriptions. Rather we first know what you want, and then convert your files accordingly.

Quality Assurance By Expert Proofreaders

We have PHD editors and proofreaders to make sure that the final file is free of any grammar errors and all the requirements are fulfilled.

Money Back Guarantee For Your Ultimate Satisfaction

Despite of our expert transcribers and PHD quality assurance, we still have money back guarantee to keep you satisfied.

Wait Wait! You Are Just A Call Away From The Best Transcription Writing Service!

Loved our services? Looking forward to work with us? No worries! Because you are just a call away from the best transcription writing service. So what are you waiting for? Contact our transcription experts and make your life easy!

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Questions that every client normally has before hiring our web content writing services

Yes, we can convert your videos into texts. Depending on the subject, your work will be assigned to the respective experts to transcribe it.

We do not use software for transcriptions. All our transcription are done by Subject Matter Experts in USA.

You don’t have to pay any fees for subscription. Our charges are project based and depends on the length of your audio or video.

Trusted By Leading Brands

Our clientele consists of successful and leading brands from every industry.
This is because we focus primarily on customer satisfaction

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In-depth reports which are quite persuasive and authoritative in nature. You can have Whitepapers made for presenting a complex issue and helping your readers understand it.


Press Release

Official statements written for the purpose of giving out news regarding any kind of activity which requires instant coverage and attention.


Web Content

Content published on your website to give your website the appeal it deserves. Consists of all kinds of content including text, audio, video etc., and is responsible for driving traffic to your website.



Online diaries or journals presenting opinions along with informative and promotional content. Bound to get your website in the search rankings and the spotlight.


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