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Content Majestic is focused on enhancing its team with all kinds of talent which even includes hiring the formerly incarcerated. We have a veteran focused team and we do not hesitate in hiring fresh talent either as we train them for perfection.

Copywriting Intern required with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Social Sciences, English or Humanities who possesses a good grasp in English Language and can work very well with writing. Must be proficient in writing and, adapting to various forms of content writing. Should be confident enough to explore their creativity and structuring them into creative content. The intern will be trained for copywriting in various kinds of content and copy material and should adapt themselves accordingly. Should be able to deliver a minimum of 600 words on a daily basis and be able to write guest posts, articles, blogs, eBooks, product descriptions and all sorts of SEO content that is assigned, based on client requirements. The intern should be having excellent communication and liaison skills so as to be able to coordinate with the Senior Copywriters and the leading personnel.

Content Marketer required to work in the Digital Marketing Department of Content Majestic who will be responsible for developing content marketing strategies on a regular basis. The candidate should be a graduate in the field of Marketing, Digital Marketing or Communications or can be a graduate in any field with authentic certification in Content Marketing and Digital Marketing. The candidate must be having a minimum of three years of experience in the field of Content Marketing and Digital Marketing, and must have know-how of executing Content Marketing strategies successfully. The candidate will be required to understand the content requirements of different clients on a regular basis, research and develop strategies based on their niche and requirements; and also coordinate those requirements to the Head Copywriter in Content Majestic. The candidate will be judged based on their past successful content marketing campaigns.

Content Majestic is seeking an experienced eBook Copywriter with a graduate degree in Social Sciences, English, Humanities, Mass Communication or Journalism and should be able to craft eBooks with proficiency. Should be having a vast pool of knowledge and understand diverse client requirements. The candidate should be able to adapt to writing any kind of eBook assigned including fictional, biographical, promotional, Amazon Kindle or informative eBooks. Must be having in-depth research skills so as to be able to read across and understand a wide variety of texts and content, and meet deadlines on a regular basis as well. Should be flexible enough to brainstorm for any kind of eBook asked to write, and have a minimum of three years of experience in eBook writing. The candidate will be judged based on past eBooks written by the candidate including all kinds of eBooks.

Accounts Assistant required to work in liaison with the Chief Accountant to maintain the books and accounts of Content Majestic. The candidate should either be having certification in Accounting, or should have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Must be able to adapt to various accounting software in order to maintain the books and accounts, and should be able to work timely and meet deadlines. The candidate must be having experience in Accounting of around one year, and should possess excellent communication and coordination skills to maintain liaison with the other departments as well. The candidate will be also be responsible for maintaining ledgers, handling invoices and cash, perform basic bookkeeping, preparing and distributing checks and working on whatever tasks are assigned by the Chief Accountant.

Content Majestic requires an experienced Product Description Copywriter to create convincing SEO-friendly Product Descriptions on a daily basis. The candidate should be a graduate in Advertising, Marketing, Humanities or Social Sciences, with certification in either Content Marketing or Digital Marketing and have an experience of minimum one year. Must have an understanding of writing search engine optimized Product Descriptions which are descriptive enough to include the product specifications while being compelling enough to appeal to the user. The candidate should be able to meet with deadlines, and be highly proficient in researching and technical so as to understand the product specifications and create new Product Descriptions accordingly. The candidate will be working in coordination with the Team Lead and the SEO Team to devise the content, and will also be required to comprehend the client requirements properly.

Content Majestic requires the services of a skilled White Paper Copywriter who is experienced in the field for up to 3-4 years. The candidate should be a graduate in either Marketing, Linguistics, English or any Humanities or Social Sciences subject and must be having certification in Digital Marketing or Content Marketing. Should be highly proficient in formal technical writing for White Papers and must be having adequate researching skills for crafting highly informative White Papers. The candidate should be flexible in nature so as to develop White Papers for a wide variety of industries depending on the client requirements, and have an understanding of making White Papers aimed for B2B corporate audience. Should be possessing communication skills to maintain liaison with the clients, as well as the corresponding team. The candidate will have to present previously made White Papers as part of the hiring performance criteria set by Content Majestic.

Content Majestic is seeking a skilled SEO Executive to join its Digital Marketing team. The candidate should either be a graduate in Digital Marketing or any other field along with certification in Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization at the very least. Must be having a minimum of 4 years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing with a portfolio of successful SEO campaigns in the past. The job description will consist of coordination with the Digital Marketing head, team members as well as the clients in order to better understand the niche of brands and develop effective strategies accordingly. The SEO Executive will have to ensure execution of SEO campaigns along with the Content Team, and explain them the SEO strategies so that they are able to write SEO-friendly content accordingly.

Experienced and skilled Sales Executives are required to join the Sales Team of Content Majestic. Applicants should have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in any field preferably in the field of Marketing or Communications and experience in the field up to 6 months. The job description includes handling client queries and managing client accounts while maintaining cordial relationships with the clients. The incumbents will also be responsible for diverting all client queries to the concerned departments, and for ensuring that all client requirements are met with properly. Three shifts are available for the position, with flexibility in timings after the probation period is over. Applicants will be judged in their interview given how well they manage to resolve a given situation. Finalized candidates will receive a period of training, during which they are expected to get a clear understanding of their tasks.

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