How To Write A Customer Service Cover Letter?

Are you applying for customer service representative job?

Resume without a cover letter is only a piece of paper especially if you are applying for a job at customer service department. This is because your cover letter shows your experiences and accomplishments in a way that a resume cannot do.

What Is The Structure Of A Cover Letter For Customer Service Representative?

A cover letter should be written in a way that directly converses with the recruiter and speak for itself.

Customer service cover letter is written in the following way:

  1. Your details
  2. Date
  3. Company details
  4. Job title
  5. The introduction
  6. The body paragraph
  7. Conclusion
  8. Thankyou note
  9. Your name and signature

Check the following template for more detailed understanding of the cover letter. You can also adapt this cover letter for your job application:

Template For Customer Service Cover Letter

[Your Name,]


[Contact Number,]

[Email Address.]


Date: [month day, year]


[Hiring Manager Name,]

[Hiring Manager Position,]

[Company Name,]

[Company Address.]

[Company’s phone number.]

[Hiring Manager Email address.]


Dear Mr. / Ms.  [Name of Hiring Manger],

I am writing to you regarding your company’s opening for Customer Service Representative Job posted on your company’s website. I have been working as a [occupation] at [company] for more than [years] now and I believe that I can contribute a great deal to your company.

In my current job, I have developed immaculate conversation manner and ability to deal politely with dissatisfied customers. I am habitual of working on multiple projects simultaneously and participate in decision making committee to help company achieve its goals.

With my exceptional and leadership skills, I have achieved following accomplishments at my current job:

  • Increasing the sales lead by 15% within 4 months.
  • Reduced training expenses by 80% by implementing new sales strategy.
  • Reducing return rates by 50% by resolving customer service issues.

I am confident that my exceptional skills combined with my professional experience will make me a perfect fit for your job.

I’m looking forward to discuss the position more in detail. I’ll be available at your utmost convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Sincerely/ Best regards,


Your Full Name,

Your LinkedIn ID.

Things You Should Do Before Writing Your Cover Letter For Customer Representative Job:

Here are a few things you should check out before writing a cover letter for customer service position. This will make your cover letter look very professional and polished.  

  • Research about the job: Research about the job before you blindly write about your skills. This is especially important when you have no experience of customer service representative. Know about what type of job is it, what are the challenges of this job and does it involves sales or not and write your skills accordingly.
  • Know about the company: Make the recruiter know that how much you know their company and how enthusiastic you are to work with them. That is why knowing about the organization you are applying at is extremely necessary. Add a bit of information in a conversation style in the body of the cover letter.
  • Develop an enthusiastic tone: The most challanging task is to keep your tone professional yet enthusiastic. Though you may not be very good at it but practicing for a few times will help you develop this tone.

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  • Work on your key skills: Once you know the job description and specifications, you can easily match your skills to the requirements.

We Have Some Customer Service Cover Letter Examples For You!

Here we have some customer service cover letter examples for your help.

Cover Letter For Computer Science Graduate

Mr. James Murphy,

East Village, New York.

(908) 441-6430


Date: May 23, 2019


Ms. Emma Brown,

HR Manager,

ABC International,

Empire Avenue, New York.


Dear Ms. Brown,

I recently saw the opening for the position of Customer Service Executive on [company name] website. With above 5 years of experience in Customer Relationship Department, I believe that I’m a perfect fit for your company.

I began my career at Noble books as a cashier but was soon promoted to the information desk to help customers with the details of the products they were shopping.  After two years, I joined Progressive Insurance as a Customer Relationship Officer where my duties included:

  • Handling customer issues (face to face and on phone calls).
  • Dealing with customer queries.
  • Dealing with complaints and feedbacks.
  • Training new employees and internees.

I was also named “Employee of the year” in 2017. I managed to attain a customer satisfaction rate of 85% leading to 60% closing rate.

With my natural interpersonal skills and relevant qualifications, I believe that I can be a great addition to your department.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity for an interview and discuss more about this job.

Thankyou for your time and consideration,

Best regards,


Mr. James Murphy,

LinkedIn ID: James. Murphy.


Customer Service Representative Job - Cover Letter Example


Mr. Liam Hills,

Park Slope, New York.

(908) 441-6430


Date: June 23, 2018


Ms. Emma Lucus,

HR Manager,

ABC International,

Empire Avenue, New York.


Dear Ms. Lucus,

The Provider Insurance’s need for a new Customer Service Representative compelled me to submit my resume. As an enthusiastic and a diligent professional with an experience of over 4 years in providing exceptional customer service, I am more than prepared to go beyond your expectations in this role. 

During my job at Pear Tree Financial from 2015 to 2019, I have gained comprehensive knowledge and experience in managing customer relationship, operational support and executing financial transactions. My demonstrated accomplishment in assessing customer needs and behaviors and resolving their issues, positions me to make a great impact in your organization.

The highlights of my experience include:

  • Resolving customer issues.
  • Assisting in accounts management.
  • Managing product cross sales.
  • Dealing with complaints and feedbacks.
  • Training new employees and internees.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity for an interview and discuss more about this job.

Thankyou very much for your time and consideration,

Best regards,


Mr. Liam Hills,

LinkedIn ID: Liam Hills

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