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Find out the Number of Pages with Our Words into Page Converter Tool

Have you been given an assignment and you are unsure about the number of pages? Do you need to print a long report but you do not know how many pages it might go?

You might be surprised to find out that Content Majestic has developed the ultimate Words into Page Converter Tool, which simply lets you know how many pages you will be writing.

How Can The Words into Page Converter Tool Help You? Why Will You Need This Tool?

We live in an era where we are always running up on time. We need to wind up our university assignments as well as our professional work as soon as possible. We quickly need to take out rough estimates and complete our tasks without wasting any time.

If you are a student who has been given an assignment of for example 3,000 words, but you are not sure about the number of pages that the assignment will occupy, you can simply opt to use our tool and get an accurate estimate right away.

Our dedicated content writers and copywriters have developed this tool after thorough research. They teamed up with programmers for the algorithm and functions. As writers and past student themselves, our writers are aware of the technicalities and difficulties that are presented as soon as one gets to writing.

As such, the tool comprises of all essentials such as:

  • Number of words or text to be pasted
  • Font options
  • Font size
  • Spacing between paragraphs

You can check how many pages it would take to write an x number of words with y font, z font size and w spacing. You will get an accurate result or an accurate estimate, which will make your work much easier.

If you have the text with you, simply paste the text or just type in the number of words if you are sure of the word count. This tool will help you in finding out how many pages you will be required to print in case you require hard copies.

Go ahead and find out the number of pages right away!

Do You Also Have Some Questions Regarding Our Words into Page Converter Tool?

It is no surprise that many newbies tend to have questions regarding new tools they see on the internet. We have listed down some commonly asked questions. Check if you have the same question on your mind or not.

  • How can I use this Words into Page Converter Tool?

In order to use this tool, start by inputting the number of words or paste the text if you already have it. Select the font, font size and spacing and the tool will automatically display the result instantly. No need to press any extra buttons, our tools works efficiently and automatically.

  • Why has Content Majestic developed this tool? Who is it for?

This tool is a free resource on the internet, which means that it is available for everyone to use. Students and professionals and basically anyone can use it to find out the number of pages for a specific word count.

  • How many pages can I get with 12-point Arial font and double spacing?

Depending on your word count, you can get approximately 1.8 pages with 500 words if you choose Arial font with 12-point size and double spacing between paragraphs. On this particular estimate, you can get 3.7 pages with 1,000 words, 11 pages with 3,000 words, 18.3 pages with 5,000 words and perhaps 36.5 pages with 10,000 words.

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