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Customers and people in general tend to trust brands and businesses more that have been present in the industry from a longer period of time. Similarly, search engines and online sites also tend to give preference to older websites as compared to recently developed websites.

In order to find out if your website’s domain name holds some significance with regards to its age, it is best to find out the age of your domain with a Domain Age Checker Tool as ours.

Content Majestic is committed to providing content marketing and digital marketing solutions on a whole. Domain age serves as a crucial component of digital marketing, which is why our team decided to develop this free resource and make it available for the ease of digital marketers.

How Can You Benefit From Using our Domain Age Checker Tool?

Nowadays most of the brands are now involved in digital marketing, which is based purely online. As such, it is crucial to have even the minute information about your online tools and platforms to remain ahead in the marketing game.

Websites registered with an older domain automatically hold advantage over those registered with a newer one, since search engines tend to give preference to the older ones.

However, you will need to check your domain age before you proceed to purchasing one as well. This way, you can also check if the domain you are going to purchase is not already running with somebody else’s website. You can even check the domain age of your competitors’ websites when you use our Domain Age Checker Tool.

Other than that, by finding out the domain age of any domain, you can also check if it will receive more traffic and what reputation it already has. Sometimes, having an old domain does not prove to be beneficial if there is some negativity attached to it. Users may have blocked or marked the website as spam on that particular domain.

In any way, you can find out the answer to all of your questions simply by using our Domain Age Checker Tool. All you have to do is enter the name of the domain, click on the “Submit” button and witness the magic for yourself!

Go Ahead and See If You Have The Same Set of Frequently Asked Questions As Well!

Even the most tech-savvy people can become confused when they use a new tool. So there is nothing to be surprised about, many people have had questions while using our Domain Age Checker Tool. We have listed some of them down below.

  • What is Domain Age? Does it affect SEO?

Domain age is basically the amount of time that a domain has existed, similar to the age of a human. Domain age serves as one of the most important factors for SEO as search engines tend to give preference to older domains as compared to new ones.

  • How can I use this Domain Age Checker Tool?

Using this tool is no big hassle. Simply input the name of your domain and press “Submit”. The tool will instantly display the age of your domain.

  • Why do I need to check the age of my domain?

Domain age serves as an essential factor in determining how well your SEO will go. Other than that, you will need to see if the domain you are deciding to buy does not have any negative reputation attached to it. This can be in the form of being marked spam or prohibited. Overall, this little information proves quite useful in executing your digital marketing campaigns properly later on.

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